Laurel Lakes Cleaners

Organic dry cleaners

Some of our services offered at Laurel Lakes Cleaners

Our Services
  Laundry shirts
 Suit (2 piece)
 Women's blouse
 Sports jacket
  Alterations (prices can vary)
 can vary with length
 Hem on pants
 Cuff on pants
 Hem on jeans
 Shoe Repair (prices can vary)
 Ladies heels (small)
 Ladies heels (large)
 Men's heels
 Men's full sole
We offer FREE pick up and delivery service every Tuesday and Friday!
We are currently able to provide free pick up and delivery services in the Columbia, Laurel and Burtonsville area.  Please call or e-mail us if you wish to know more about our services.
We have SAME DAY service. Just drop off your clothes before 9am and you can pick your clothes up the same day anytime after 5pm.